My Crossfit Journey

Today was a milestone in my crossfit journey. I was getting ready to start my skill work when Jennie said,”Staci, try a pull up without the band. You have fresh arms!” I basically chuckled and said ok. I was not expecting anything as I have been trying and trying day after day always falling short. Of course we had a large ladies class and everyone was watching hehe. I jumped on the bar got two good kip swings and up I went. I came down and asked how close I got and they all said I did it!!! I was so used to not getting it that I didn’t even realize when I did! I am so excited and will be practicing everyday to maintain it and eventually get to the point where I can do them in workouts 🙂


As many of you know, I am a vegetarian. You will not be able to convince me otherwise 🙂 I love all animals and have a hard time deciding which ones to make pets and which ones to eat so if I had a choice I would make them all pets!!! Anyway, on my quest to find foods that give me fuel and are good for me I have been playing around with many combinations. I have been relying on dairy for protein but my results on the scale have not been impressive. I have decided to cut out dairy as much as I can. No more milk, ice cream or cheese (R.I.P.). I have decided to add back into my diet whole grains. I know this goes against paleo, but so does not eating meat 🙂 I have been really happy whith the results the past week. I have tons of energy and the scale is moving again!

Todays workout was “Angie”. I have not had an encounter with her since my very first week coming to the fort. At that time I scaled everything to 50 reps and had to do pull ups on the green band. Today I did 100 of everything and did my pullups on the blue band!!! Yahoo!!! I love progress. I am still working on that unassisted pull up which I am feeling any day now. On a side note I got into a pair of pants today that I havn’t been able to wear in a year 🙂

Yeterdays workout was really hard for me at first.  I could not get into the rhythm for double unders.  By the time we got to round 3 I was able to string 10 together which really helped.  I have whip marks all over my right arm!  The workout was:

AMRAP 6:00
25 Double Unders
10 Burpees
100m Sprint
Rest 1:00

3 rounds

As for food I have been sticking to my meals of omelettes, apples, almond butter, broccolli, olive oil, cheese…

I feel like I am starting to make some good progress in the strength department.  I have 10 solid blue band pull-ups and I am working towards being band free!  My running is improving (thanks to Bill and Jennie!) and I finally feel like I can “compete” in workouts as I am able to use prescribed weights on some workouts.

I am committed to coming to the Fort as much as my body can take hehe.  Heres the meal plan for the day:

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette
Lunch: Salad with Fruit and Walnuts
Dinner: Brocolli with curry sauce and olive oil almonds and a piece of dark chocolate

Yesterday we went to the U2 concert at Soldier Field.  It was AWESOME!!!  I was worried the festivities of the day would derail my progress. To my surprise no negative impact on the scale this morning!  I did pre plan and did my best to stick to my diet.  For breakfast I had a cheese omelette.  I stopped and got an iced coffee (no sugar) for the ride there.  Lunch was a veggie burger, no bun with a side salad.  For dinner I had two pints of Guinness (who could resist hehe) and a bunch of dark chocolate covered almonds that I snuck in.  Not the best dinner in the world but who is perfect.  We parked about two miles away so I got a good workout in while wearing my high heel boots!


I am so excited that I found Lindt 85% cacao dark chocolate.  It only has 4g carbs per 2 squares!!!  I love chocolate so much and I don’t discriminate so dark chocolate is just fine with me.  Thank you everyone for your suggestions on meals.  This is really hard for me and I am trying to get it right!  Yesterday I did not go to the Fort becuase Dan finally has a day off.  I did go on a 30 min bike ride to get some sort of action it.  Today I will be absent from the Fort as well due to a closing in Elgin…yay for money, boo for no fort :(. I think I will go for a 2-3 mile run.

Breakfast: 3 egg omeleltte
Lunch: Cheese, almond butter, celery, carrots
Dinner: Salad with apples, walnuts, olive oil with a side of broccolli (sp?)
Treat: two squares of dark chocolate

The scale has finally moved!!! 2 pounds down

I love you chocolate :)

I love you chocolate 🙂


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  • Tommy Mo: Super Job, Staci. Enjoy that dollar, spend it wisely. Perhaps another money-maker for your next pull-up milestone? "545" = $5 - 4 - 5 Pull-ups?
  • Super Dave: Staci, awesome working out with you tonight! I updated the GYG site, so you can see the pic of yourself!
  • Super Dave: Way to go, Staci!!!